Costa Brava Stage Run

The trail-running stage race in Costa Brava


The Race

The Costa Brava Stage Run (CBSR) is the stage race of the Costa Brava. It is a unique experience in an incredible environment (chosen as the best tourist destination in the world in 2012 by the National Geographic magazine). It’s 3 days of running by the sea. But also of adventure, companionship, coexistence, GR-92, unbelievable small beaches, turquoise waters, botanical gardens, seawalks, kilometric beaches of fine sand, small fishing villages, of Mediterranean Sea, of Dalinian landscapes, Natural Parks, but finally what we are all looking for are emotions and unforgettable memories.

During these 3 days, the entire Costa Brava is crossed from its beginning in Blanes, to its limit with the French region of Roselló, in Portbou. All of this during 125km, passing through 2 Natural Parks, such as the “N.P. Montgrí, Illes Medes i Baix Ter “, and the “N.P. Cap de Creus”, and the “Botanical Garden Marimurtra” in Blanes, and the “Tropical Garden Pinya de Rosa” also in Blanes. Everything, along 3 regions of Girona such as La Selva, Baix Empordà and Alt Empordà.

One of the big differences with doing 3 individual races, is that the CBSR is thought as a complete experience. It’s not only to run the stage but also all those moments before and after, sharing moments with the rest of runners and staff, and enjoying the privileged environment that the Costa Brava itself supposes. This allows to create a large family and live the race more intensely. One of these moments is the dinner along with the rest of runners and staff of the race, during which we do the briefing of the next stage, the podiums of the finished stage and the projection of the photos and the video summary of the day.

The CBSR recovers the spirit of the successful and now non-organized Costa Brava Xtrem Running, led by the athlete Xavi Marina from Blanes, from whom we have support; we have modified it slightly to adapt it to our stage race concept.


“Our mission is to give you the opportunity to live a unique experience doing what you like, where you are the star and taking home unforgettable memories of each moment lived during our races”.


“We want that every trail-runner have the desire to participate at least once in a lifetime to our races; because they are a complete and unique experience for the runner”.



We want that the participants in this race live a unique experience, a great adventure that you’ll never forget.


Our priority will always be the safety of the participants, not only in the route and about weather conditions, but also in terms of nutrition, hydration and medical service.


We believe in the values of friendship and companionship that prevail in the mountains and that we must preserve in trail-running races even when they are by the sea!


Respect is essential in sports, but we want to take it further: respect for the nature, the environment, the landscape, the runners, the volunteers…

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