Last Wednesday, March 11, we wrote to inform you about the situation of the CBSR2020 regarding to the affectations by the Coronavirus at national and international scale. At the same time, the announcement of some temporary restrictions to fight the outbreak and saturation of the Health System in Catalonia (and increasingly widespread throughout the world) coincided. This made us already at that time -despite our intention to continue fighting for the celebration of the event- contemplate the possibility of prohibition by the Authorities of its celebration.

At BiFree we like to “swim against the current”, so we organize a type of race that is not very common. But we are at a time where the effort that the Public and Health Authorities at society level ask us to control the spread of the virus is incompatible with maintaining the minimum quality and safety that our participants deserve.

The 3rd Costa Brava Stage Run will be held, but it will be the next 2 to 4 October 2020.

Taking such a decision is very complex, and we are aware of the general impact that this represents both for participants, providers of the services we offer, and for us as organization. We want to be totally transparent, so we detail the main reasons that have led to this decision more than a month in advance:

-The CBSR is a race attended by people from all over the world. Organizing the trip to the Costa Brava can be complex and expensive, so we believe that the sooner we make the decision, the better.

-The effects are increasingly global, so there is the possibility that passenger traffic between countries (or even within Spain) is restricted and we do not know how long. This would cause many of the participants to be deprived of attending CBSR2020.

-We have many suppliers, whose activity may be affected in the coming weeks, therefore they cannot assure the contracted service or product in a timely and adequate manner. We are talking about hotels, buses, medical services, food or textiles, among others.

The date of the first weekend of October allows us to celebrate the CBSR at a time of the year very similar to what should take place. The Costa Brava is no longer as crowded as in summer, the weather is usually very good and hotels can accommodate our group without problem.

Obviously, we will proceed to keep your registrations for this new date from the 2nd to the 4th of October 2020. For those who cannot, we can postpone them for CBSR2021 which will probably take place from the 16th to the 18th of April 2021. And for more specific situations, we will be available to find the best solution.

Starting today, we intend to look forward. Carrying out a project like creating the CBSR or the PSR has taught us many things, and one of them is perseverance. Let us pass these troubled times and focus on the new opportunity that we will have in October to fulfill the dream that this situation has made us readjust.
We are starting today to work towards this goal and make CBSR2020 the best edition of the Costa Brava Stage Run!

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