Good news for the Costa Brava Stage Run! The official Opel dealer in Girona, Ángel Blanch, will provide several vehicles for the correct development of the race. Ángel Blanch has three licensees in the province of Girona: Blanes, Girona and Banyoles, ensuring perfect coverage throughout the development of the event.

Ángel Blanch will provide, on the one hand, Opel Movano vehicles, with a large load capacity for transporting the luggage of the runners between stages, and also for the transport of the departure and arrival material, essential for a correct functioning of the entire event, where any breakdown could be a big problem for the development of the race.

On the other hand two vehicles of the new Grandland range, the new Opel SUV that will take you where you want in your day to day, either in the mountains or in the city. The Grandland will serve us for the food station, with a single car we will be able to transport all the necessary material for the food point just where the runners will need it the most.

We are confident that this new sponsor will allow the race to be developed in the most efficient way and that the runners will only have to worry about enjoying the route!

We remind you that next Saturday the 31st of March is the last day to register for the race. More information and registration here!

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