The first stage of the Costa Brava Stage Run will have a very special moment in the first kilometers, because the runners of the race will have the opportunity to run through the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, one of the icons of the town that marks the beginning of the Costa Brava, as well as a symbol of the Costa Brava itself. In addition, the Garden will contribute to the race by providing two gift packs that we will raffle among all the participants with local food products of their own production.

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden is a privileged place to enjoy the richness of its botanical, architectural, landscape and human heritage. The runners of the race will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the Costa Brava discovering the great botanical and cultural world that is Marimurtra.

The Garden was created by Carl Faust (1874-1952), a man passionate about the natural sciences who dedicated his effort and heritage to the realization of his dream. A garden consisting of four acres divided into three gardens with different characteristics that host more than 4,000 plant species from five different continents.

Come, run and explore this botanical garden declared Cultural Asset of National Interest.

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