After evaluating the results of the survey that we sent to the runners last week, and confirming that the current situation of the pandemic is still complicated and that the celebration of the Costa Brava Stage Run could not be confirmed until the last few days, we have decided to cancel this year’s edition. We believe that this is the most coherent decision at this moment with so much uncertainty and in which the situation of each one of you, as well as of your countries is particular. This is why we want to be clear with you and offer 3 options for your registration:

  1. Transfer the bib to the CBSR2021: The best option to keep the illusion of a unique and special challenge. Keep your bib under the same conditions to enjoy the Costa Brava in the 2021 edition that will take place from April 16 to April 18, 2021.
  2. 100% refund: For those who cannot guarantee your participation next year, we want to offer the option of a full refund of the registration. We are aware that your greatest dream was to participate this year, and we want you to maintain this hope to participate when conditions are better for you.
  3. Participation in a different CBSR2020: Experience the Costa Brava Stage Run in a personalized format: Costa Brava Trail Experience. An individualized experience, familiar and limited to a group of 8 to 14 participants, maintaining the essence of this project. We offer 3 dates (from September 25 to 27, October 2 to 4 or October 9 to 11), for all those who want to run through the Costa Brava enjoying the CBSR route, as well as accommodation, meals, luggage transportation, briefings of each stage or the goodies bag among others. A different way of living a unique experience and enjoying the Costa Brava with the facilities that characterize our events.

We send you a big hug and we wait for you in the Costa Brava in the near future!

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