We are glad to announce that we started a collaboration with a trail-running stage race in Australia! It is a stage race very similar to the Costa Brava Stage Run, with different distances and 4 days of running, just one more than us!

The Run Larapinta Stage Race is a 4 day, 4 stage trail running race along the iconic Larapinta Trail in central Australia. This spectacular event follows a rugged route through the heart of this big brown land and will you leave breathless for its untouched beauty. Including a long course option with 19km – 45km stages and short course option with 11km – 30km stages, the event can be achieved runners of all abilities from all corners of the world. Join us for an incredible trail running experience 26-29 August, 2020. Full support and assistance available for international runners. www.RunLarapinta.com.au

The 1st place male and female competitors from the 2020 Costa Brava Stage Run 125K will each receive a free entry, meals and accommodation package for the 2021 Run Larapinta Stage Race.

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